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Choosing a Scheduling System for Your Coaching Business

Running your business online is awesome! You can have a flexible schedule, work with your kids at home, set self-care habits, and even (sometimes) find extra time in the day to walk your dog during a phone meeting.

Want to know one of my favourite things about owning my business and working from home?
Online scheduling tools! Have you ever tried to schedule an appointment with someone over email? The amount of back and forth emailing that happens can be unproductive and can also feel frustrating. That’s where scheduling tools come into the picture, they are amazing tools that will change the dynamic of scheduling appointments for you and for your client.

When you are choosing a scheduling tool, you are also choosing a calendar system, and you will need to find the right fit for you. This calendar is going to be your go-to space for you to see all your appointments, to-dos, and calls in your day-to-day life. It’s important you find one that feels good for you because your scheduling tool will be reading the data on your calendar to understand when you are available and when you are not available for your clients to book in with you. That’s why the calendar portion of this decision matters so much, because without fully utilizing the calendar, your scheduling tool can’t be as effective.

You have to think about what your needs are and what you need your scheduling tool to be able to do for you. Will this scheduling tool be exclusively for clients to book appointments with you, will you need to accept payments at the same time as the appointment is booked? Do you want a scheduling tool that will send follow-up emails to clients after the appointment is done, without you having to remember to send that follow-up email yourself? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself and answer before you can realistically choose the right tool for you.

After extensively using all three systems, I have to say that my favourite is the Acuity scheduler. The reason I choose Acuity is because it provides complete control over your schedule. It is the only scheduler that I have found that provides custom control over the look and feel of the booking system. Acuity integrates with hundreds of different apps, so syncing your client’s information from Acuity, to your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM,) to your billing system is all seamless. With Acuity you even have full customization with the automatic emails that get sent; you can edit these to fit your brand voice and even use smart fields to pull-in data.

Even if you use a CRM like Dubsado or HoneyBook that offers a built-in calendar scheduler, I do recommend Acuity for full functionality and business growth. I have included a comparison chart below for you to explore which option would be the best option for you and your clients. One thing that I can’t visually show in a chart is how your clients are going to feel using each of these scheduling tools to book a time slot with you. If you want to experience what scheduling with Acuity feels like for your client, book a call with me and you will be taken through a completely automated (and still feels personal!) sequence of steps before you get on a call with me. I have created a “10 Minute Appt” in my Acuity Scheduler especially for this blog!

I love elevating client experience and would love for you to experience how your client could feel booking a call with you if you used systems and automation. Since we have 10 minutes together, bring your questions – ask me anything!

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