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You’ve heard it a million times. You know you need to build an email list for your business, but you haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe you are unsure exactly why it’s so important, or maybe you don’t know where to begin. Whatever the reason, let’s help you get your questions answered and your business growing!


  • Emails are a direct way to communicate with your audience. Rather than just being another post they scroll through, as an email, you go straight to their inbox.

  • Email lists convert. More than any other platform, email lists actually convert interest to sales.

  • Drives more traffic to your website. These people subscribed to your email, so they are obviously interested, which means it won’t take as much to drive them to your site.

  • You control the content. This is something that you actually own and have complete control of what you present to your potential clients.

  • Develops a closer relationship with the audience. Emails are a personal touch for businesses, and can make the audience feel closer to the brand.

Pick an Email Service Provider

The first step is to pick an email service provider!

An email service provider is going to help you collect email addresses, safely store these emails, and deliver all your emails.

There are a lot of email service providers out there, some that are completely free while others charge a small fee. Ultimately, it will come down to choosing the one that is the right fit for your business! If you are first starting out, free might be the way to go!

Create a freebie/incentive

Okay, so now you have a place to collect all these emails. What’s next? INCENTIVE. Yes, in order to get anyone to sign-up for your newsletter, they need a reason. So, give them one… or many!

When you are creating a freebie, be thinking of ways to benefit people’s lives with something that they need or will find useful.

People like checklists, printables, templates, ebooks, and email courses!

Promoting your freebie

You have a freebie set up, so now is the time to promote, promote, promote. Where do you start?

Well, the good news is that many email service providers also can help with promotion, offering pop up options, landing pages, and promotions.

Pop-Ups: Forms that pop up when people visit your blog. You can control the timing of these forms.

Landing pages: This is where your visitors see your offer for the first time, and decide to go after it! Landing pages are best for things that stand-alone, not as effective for add-ons. With landing pages, you must grab their attention immediately, or the sale dies here.

Promotions: Adding popups to things you want to draw attention to.

Welcome sequence

You don’t want to just hand out a freebie and not follow-up.

Now is a great time to send a welcome email, introduce yourself, and let them get to know YOU. Tell them your background story, what they should expect from you, or anything else you wish to share.

Send a Newsletter

The value of a newsletter is building trust, and loyalty. Customers don’t merely buy from you because you are selling what they need/want. It is not that simple. They buy from you because they trust and value you for whatever reason. So give them a reason. Give them a chance to continually get to know your brand, and trust the person behind that brand.

Some fun newsletter ideas:

  • Mention a new product launch

  • How to guides

  • A personal story about you.

  • Business goals

  • Big announcements

  • Posing questions for viewers

  • Printables/downloadables

  • Surveys

  • Freebies

  • Customer stories

 See my recommended providers/resources here 🙂 

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